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What exactly is an AI model?

Models of artificial intelligence (AI) that are aimed to improve or automate our business processes. AI builder is a software that allows you to create AI models.

What makes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning different?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) are three methods for analysing data.


Logic, if-then rules, and decision trees are all examples of AI techniques.

Machine Learning – This method allows machines to get better at tasks as they gain experience.

Follow the instructions or be supervised – task driven

Learn from Data Reinforcement – Learn from Errors or Learn from Experience Unsupervised – Data-Driven or Learn from Experience

Deep learning

This method allows the computer to train itself to accomplish certain tasks. Example Analysis of images, videos, and voices.

Flow/Process: The process entails sending data to the model and receiving output in some form as a result of the model.


To construct an AI model, we have to follow the methods outlined below.


There are five different types of AI models accessible. This is something we’ll talk about in another blog.

  1. Form Processing – Extract text from any matching form
  2. Object Detection – Count, Locate, and Identify objects on any Image
  3. Entity Extraction – Specific data from the text
  4. Category Classification – Classify the text into categories
  5. Prediction – Predict future outcomes
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