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What is a fit-gap analysis when it comes to tool selection?

This determines where the tool’s capabilities are lacking. This is the procedure for determining the best tool for a given set of requirements.

Is there a standard procedure in place?

Fit-gap analysis does not have a defined procedure. It can be analyzed using a variety of methods. There is no such thing as right or wrong.


When it comes to picking integrating tools, we ran into the same problem with other clients. In this case, we’ll need to perform a fit-gap analysis on the tools we’re looking for. This is all based on the needs of the company. Consider the following example.


We have a set of integration requirements based on category in this example. Our method for locating the best instrument that meets the majority of the requirements.

Category: This is broken into two categories: business and technical.

Workaround: We may not have a single tool that meets all of the requirements in some circumstances. In that scenario, we’ll need to find a workaround or another solution for that particular demand.

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