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With the introduction of Customer Service, Admin Center Microsoft Dynamics 365 has unified and simplified admiration across the Dynamics 365 Service suite. Microsoft is introducing new features for its user and will remove the customer service Hub, Omnichannel admin center, and app profile manager by the end of April 2023. They have taken this step to introduce a unified admin center for their users.

If you haven’t tried the new admin center do it today because you will find it very efficient to use. It provides everything you need in one place; you can manage your cases, knowledge articles, channels, queues, and routings. Furthermore, you can create automatic records, gain insights, schedule meetings, calendars, agent experience profiles, and many more.

Why you should prefer Customer Service Admin Center:

Everything including the Omnichannel Admin center, Application profile manager, and customer service hub is consolidated in one place.

There is a complete guide available for setting up a new channel.

The search feature is also there to find administrator settings.

With the help of a reorganized site map, you have now access to provisioned Omnichannel for Customer service.

Overview pages include an at-a-glance feature with links to manage all features.

Landing pages provide an overview of all the capabilities.

Deprecation of Standalone experience

As mentioned above, outdated features will be deprecated and Microsoft will end support of the following experience by the end of April 2023.

  • Service management area in the Customer Service Hub
  • Omnichannel admin center
  • App profile manager

These above-mentioned features will be hidden automatically from October 2022. You still have the option to bring them back however, you should use the feature as soon as possible to get yourself acquainted with the changes; because all you need is to migrate to the new app and all the existing setup and information will appear automatically there.

In case of any help, you can contact Microsoft Support!

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