How to Harness Relationships
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One of the most challenging tasks for the law-firms today is to build a strong and effective customer base using minimum resources. Only an effective and well-managed customer base can help firms to achieve the maximum out of their staff and clients both. This need should compel the firms to re-evaluate their use of CRM, particularly their under-utilization, in order to build better customer/ client relationships.

What does the law firm of the future look like?

Most of the CRM systems being used by the law firms pose multiple problems like information keeping and integration of those CRMs with the variety of date from various sources at the firms’ disposal. The outdated method of gleaning data from different sources and analyzing it on Excel spreadsheets is becoming less and less reliable and effective, as it is vulnerable to much error-making.

legal360 by HSO is specifically built for the law firms in order to help them modernize their CRM. This is how it can help law firms:

  • Remove data silos – it helps a firm build her database through already installed connectors which can glean data from multiple internal and external sources.
  • Provide powerful analytics and reporting – the use of advanced AI and machine learning networks to prepare customized reports and multiple dashboard helps the firm get a true 360-view of its operations.
  • Add flexibility and customization – Through building custom apps and eliminating the requirements for other tools using Microsoft Power Apps can help the firms largely customize their operations.
  • Increase productivity – Since legal360’s has an easy integration across the Microsoft apps like Outlook, Office 365, LinkedIn, Power BI, and other daily usable apps, it can greatly increase the productivity of the firms.

legal360 is designed to establish relationships among the employees and clients and also with other industries in order to find new business interests. It also provides the firms with multiple other tools to help them:

  • Locate opportunities and leads by individuals, groups, the office or the firm
  • Manage creation of contacts and sorting of those contacts to increase business development and selling across different companies
  • Collect data and manage propositions
  • Create communication flows

All of this is provided through a cloud-based CRM application accessible anytime anywhere. legal360 collectively deals with all aspects of business developments, marketing, and relationship management on a unified platform.

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