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Microsoft has recently worked on promoting their power platform and has implied the existence of “internal makers community”. All their COE ideas come from their community discussion as fusion teams make sense there. This community is made to bring ease to citizen developers work. If you want to set it up then you need to:

  • Go to Admin Panel and make sure you are visible as an advisor

Admin Panel

  • Next, in the maker portal open Power Platform Settings
  • Join Advisory Program

Advisory Program

Once in, you can ask Virtual Agent questions; you may need to use a different account as it is difficult to seek help being “yourself”; and most importantly once a Virtual Agent hits a roadblock it can increase your problems.

Virtual Agent

Or, alternatively, Virtual Agent could display a link to a Teams group if that one were configured in the admin center:

The result is good or bad is irrelevant here. It is basically another feature that can be useful. I have not been able to find any organization so far which has introduced its internal community to each other to benefit from Power Platform. This is actually disappointing because it is such a powerful feature of Microsoft that everybody should benefit from. If you want to surface advisor contacts you can email anyone anytime. Users can go to teams and post a question and anyone can assume the role of an advisor to answer.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

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