Microsoft Wins Taking Lead in Forrester Wave
About the Author: Manish Luhana
Microsoft business applications specialist and certified trainer.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 has once again proved itself an undisputed king through its identification as a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: CRM Suites, Q3 2022. Microsoft has been providing a superior experience to its user and has drastically transformed the digital world. In this tech-savvy world where BPO has become an inevitable reality for many Dynamics 365 has altered the very face of business by providing a purpose-built platform to hundreds of organizations worldwide to carry their business. A few weeks ago Satya Nadella reminded the world how Microsoft creates new opportunities for its user and helps organizations of all sizes to grow with the help of unlimited features of Dynamic 365 including industry-leading Al, data silos, and integrated collaboration tools.

Top organizations worldwide use Dynamics 365; Dextra Group saved 60 percent on their CRM and also increased their lead quality and productivity, Campari Group deployed bespoke personalization for their event attendees, and to up the ante further, they used real-time customer journey orchestration. City of Richmond, Virginia transformed their non-emergency case management abilities via delivering omnichannel engagement. They significantly improved efficiency and proved themselves a role model of how digital tools can be used by the government to save the community in an advanced way.

How Customer Relationship Management Software stand out for Customer: Seven Key Insights

  1. End-to-end, full-funnel solution; Dynamics 365 has it all: Dynamics 365 is the only portfolio in the intelligence business applications market which significantly contributes to revenue production. With its proven dynamism and practical solutions, it transforms transactional experience with the help of advanced intelligent, customizable digital solutions.
  1. Handy yet powerful Al insight: By converting data into meaningful insights, Dynamics 365 helps all users in an organization to make strong decisions. Using Al everyone can make intelligent decisions and hence productivity and efficiency of a business are improved.
  1. Promoting teamwork and collaboration: Dynamics 365 enables organizations to promote a collaborative environment by providing them with a platform to connect with everyone in a seamless manner. Its CRM offers customized settings to cater to the unique needs of an organization; there are multiple ways to promote connectivity through meeting software, video conferences, and Microsoft teams.
  1. Personalized Experience: Using Al and Dynamic 365 for market the organizations can personalize the said CRMs to attain a technology-enabled deeper understanding of their business. Moreover, Dynamics 365 enables a connected experience from acquisition to retention making the business grow manifold.
  1. Scalable, proactive, and streamlined sales experience: Using Dynamics 365 organizations can increase their sales using Al and machine learning via advanced level forecasting as well as revenue operations. Furthermore, with the help of productivity tools, real-time coaching and best actions organizations can fairly improve their business to a great extent.
  1. Breakthrough service capabilities: Dynamics 365 is designed in a very versatile manner that can cater to the ever-evolving needs of both organizations and their customers alike. With its advanced technology, it increased customer satisfaction and substantially improves productivity.
  1. Option of low code transformation: With the help of Microsoft Power Platform businesses can provide the option of low-code transformation through low code and intuitive extensible tools which can be connected directly to Dynamics 365.

Microsoft’s prospective vision has enabled its exponential growth over the years, especially in the healthcare, finance, and retail industries. With the help of Al insights and machine learning, there are no bounds to what organizations can achieve. From superior employee experience to enhance productivity and deeper relationship with customers; Dynamics 365 is there for you at every step for everything.

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