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Power Virtual Agents in a Day is a training course offered by Barrhead as a component of its Power Platform Enablement Services, and it provides learners with an overview of Power Virtual Agents and its elements. 

Power Virtual Agents in a Day seminars are free one-day events that teach you how to develop, incorporate, expand, launch, and supervise chat bots. We’re thrilled to welcome clients and stakeholders to participate in Power Virtual Agents in a Day (PVAIAD) workshops and receive firsthand experience with the software! 

What does it offer? 

Employing a supervised, no-code UI, Power Virtual Agents allows you to create effective conversational bots. You can incorporate workflows in your subjects using Power Automate to interface with relevant enterprise services, resulting in a bot that can initiate measures to fix client complaints.

Your bot may be created easily across a range of sources, with designed metrics to deliver data and assist you to optimise and enhance your bot to handle regular client service concerns while passing more complicated questions to your operators. 

Power Virtual Agents will teach you how to build effective chatbots in less than a day, whether you’re a commercial master or an IT professional.

In a single day, PVA will be updated 

The new year heralds a slew of new features! The material has been updated, as shown below.

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Determine who in the company has access to the chatbot department.
  • The Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) module has been updated to include supplying bots. 

2 additional alternative laboratories have been added, as well as fresh content.

  • Optional:  Lab 15 – Use Bot Framework Builder to modify your bot
  • Optional: Lab 16 – Using AudioCodes, add a phone number to your bot

How can I become a member?

The full schedule of events may be seen at https://aka.ms/PVAIADevent.

Please check back as we continue to add more regions.

All businesses are invited!

If you are interested in hosting future PVAIAD programs, please sign up here and contact xiadevents@microsoft.com with any concerns. 

This project aims to help you develop knowledge, demonstrate your Power Virtual Agents support to clients, and cultivate the ideal customer-partner relationships.

You can watch the train-the-trainer event to discover how to conduct a session like this. You may listen to the recording here

Are you interested in self-teaching?

There’s a happy opportunity! The PVA in a Day content can be downloaded directly from the URLs provided below.

Instructor: https://aka.ms/PVAinaDayPackage 

Student: https://aka.ms/PVAinaDayPackage 

Check out these resources for additional information about Power Virtual Agents:

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