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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customers Service suite offers diversified customer care. In order to simplify and unify administration across the suite, Microsoft is going to introduce a new Customer Service admin center to replace the previously existing standalone administration experiences. This unified admin center brings together the management of the Customer Service Hub, Omnichannel admin center, and app profile manager. All these standalone experiences will expire in April 2023. Much needed information for the admin officers and IT professionals on how to benefit from this unified admin centered is being given beforehand.

Start using the unified admin center now

This unified admin center is much more efficient than the old standalone admin experiences it is replacing, as it provides the user with the opportunity of setting up and managing of channels, access to information containing articles, queues and routings, automation of record creation, agent experience profiles, insights, schedules, and more.

Here are just a few of the improvements in the new unified admin center:

  • Experiences across the, Omnichannel admin center, Customer Service Hub and app profile manager have been consolidated through the unification of the admin center
  • It also provides step by step guidance for setting up a channel
  • A newly added search button has been added to enable the customers easily find administrator settings.
  • A remade site-map is much more task friendly and adaptable to various sets of capabilities provisioned. For example, many features are automatically available with Omnichannel for Customer Service.
  • There are overviewing pointers and headers which lead to deep links for managing features.
  • Different capabilities are represented landing pages for every feature.

Deprecation of standalone admin experiences

Some of the standalone admin experiences to be discarded after the advent of Unified Customer Service in April 2023 are given below:

  • Service management area in the Customer Service Hub
  • Omnichannel admin center
  • App profile manager

Starting in October 2022, the Omnichannel admin center along with the service management area in the Customer Service Hub will no longer be visible in and after October 2022. Although it will be optional for the user to bring them back, but use of new Customer Service admin is strongly recommended at the soonest.

April 2023 will be the end of the app profile manager enabling standalone experiences.

Action needed: Move to unified admin center now

Any organization using any of the previous standalone experiences are strongly recommended to shift themselves to this new development. The good thing is the app is automatically installed in all Customer Services Organizations and can be assessed on the Dynamics 365 app page.

Also, all the present setups will be available in the admin center of the Customers Services. In case of needing any customizations the user can migrate these tools to the new app.

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